Autumn Colors In The Four Corners

autumn, fall colors, San Juan mountains,snowy peaks,Silverton Colorado
San Juan Autumn

Fall Colors In The Four Corners

Once again summer has appeared in the rearview mirror. It seems to have been rather short this year. But, then again, I say that every year.  With the changing colors of the leaves, it’s time to head for the high country. This year we only made the trek as far as Red Mountain Pass. It was certainly worth the journey.

autumn, fall colors, San Juan National Forest, Silverton Colorado, San Juan mountains
Mineral Creek

There had been a dusting of snow the week before. Most of it had melted by the time we went there, but just enough to add some contrast. And to add a little nip to the air.

A Little Patch Of Yellow
Pigeon Peak, yellow aspen Molas Lake, San Juan National Forest, West Needle mountains
Pigeon Peak

One of the wonderful things about the Four Corners region is that when the aspen have change color and their leaves have fallen, there are still the cottonwoods along rivers of the lower elevations.

Aztec Ruins, autumn, cottonwood trees
Aztec Ruins

The Aztec Ruins are elegantly framed by the intense yellow of the cottonwood trees and the crystal clear blue skies of New Mexico.

old bridge, cottonwood trees, autumn, Animas River, Riverside New Mexico

Ranches and farms dot the landscape between around Riverside, NM  (between Cedar Hill and Bondad). Ponds and the river reflect the vivid autumn colors.

reflections, autumn colors, ranch pond, cottonwood trees, Animas River Valley, Riverside,New Mexico
Animas River

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